Things that are fun, but shouldn’t be

The server that this blog lives on has switched in the past two hours.  I share a co-op box with 9 people, but I’m one of the two admins.  You know, I really get a kick out of admining still, which is probably a sign of mental illness.  But the admin fuel, er, beer helps.

In any case, this point was to share that something that shouldn’t at all be fun is, but also to test to see if the blog migrated okay. :)  If you notice anything weird, please let me know.  But if its broken, you probably can’t let me know, and i’ll live in blissful ignorance.

3 thoughts on “Things that are fun, but shouldn’t be”

  1. yup, that’s the real reason I upgraded via new install and merge home server to OpenBSD 4.8 yesterday and day before. Ninety percent of that remotely while OBSD was having website and mirror problems in the New Release Mad Rush. All that hassle not for any technical reason. But because it’s still fun to play Unix Admin Poobah Muckamuck.

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