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Photo 338: O Tannenbaum II: The Wrath of Keith

We have two Christmas trees, so the O Tannenbaum series is 2 images large.

This is the “Science Fiction and Beer” theme tree. You’ll see lots of Star Trek and Star Wars ornaments on the tree, the Borg cube being the easiest to see. I need to get a Serenity or Moya up in this trizzle. A Viper or the Galactica wouldn’t be bad either.

Photo 333: Marshall Field’s is with us

An ornament version of the famous Marshall Field’s Great Clock. One of our many cool Chicago ornaments.

I think for the next week or so, you’ll see lots of the Christmas Tree as its a new item in the house I haven’t over shot yet. Also because we have some cool ornaments, I’m a depth of field overuser, and I think I could turn some shots into Christmas decorations.