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Good Samaritans?

I got off the train to find my Vue not starting. The car wasn’t turning over, it feels like a dead battery or something similar. I called Sarah and she loaded up the kids and headed to the train station to come and give me a jump. While I was waiting I got the jumper cables out and popped the hood to be ready to rock when the family arrived.

During the time I was waiting with the hood up two other commuter trains stopped, people unloaded, got in their cars and drove off. Not one stopped to ask me if I needed some help. I probably would have decline as Sarah was on the way, but I was still a bit suprised.

Anyway, after having lots of trouble trying to jump the car (the Odyssey didn’t give enough juice to turn over the Vue?) the kids were starting to freak out, so Sarah and the kids bailed to go get dinner.  I called my mom and she was coming over to help me, or at least schlep me off to buy a new battery.  I left the hood up while waiting for my mom because I wanted to give it one more ago.

While waiting another train stopped.  Again, no one stopped.

Anyway, mom showed up, car got started, NTB replaced the battery, all is good.  Car started again this morning, crisis completed.  But its got me thinking…

I understand the desire just to go home, how many times have I not stopped to ask someone if they need help?  I’m not running off to do a transplant surgery or something else time sensitive like that, it’ll only cost a small bit of time to be a non-crappy human being.  Today, I’ve mentally committeed to not being that guy anymore.