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Omphaloskepsis is a word you won’t find in all dictionaries. It refers to the practice of meditating while contemplating one’s navel. Stolen from

100 Happy Days challenge

For about 4 months or so, I’ve had a browser tab open with the 100 Happy Days Challenge webpage.  I wasn’t looking to do a photo a day again, but the concept of reminding yourself about what makes you happy is one that had been on my mind.  This week the universe/great maker/nature told me its the week to start it.

For those not familiar with the 100 Happy Days Challenge, in brief, the concept is to post a picture once a day of what made you happy that day.  It doesn’t have to be artistic, it shouldn’t be about showing off, its just what made you happy.

I’ve chosen to use the default hashtag of #100HappyDays and my Instagram account as the platform.  Partially to give me an excuse to play with Instagram more.)

Yesterday was day 1.  Follow along for the next 100 days on Instagram!  When I finish, I’ll do another post talking about the experience.

Today we learned Evan needs glasses. He looks damn cute. #100happydays #day1

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In lieu of flowers…

This week, our network engineer unexpectedly passed away.  It’s been a rough week for all of the IT department as we deal with it.

To inform the rest of the company, Jason, his manager, wrote something for our internal daily newsletter. Anticipating the requests for where to send flowers or other remembrances, Jason wrote something that everyone agrees is exactly what our friend would want and I think deserves to be shared with a larger audience:

Kyle often shunned typical traditions and so after talking amongst his friends and loved ones, in lieu of flowers or donations we think he would have liked it if everyone would generate a strong password and change it regularly for any critical accounts, personal or professional. I know it sounds odd, but he would have smiled at the thought.

Rest in peace, Kyle.  Well played, sir.

And so it begins…

I was doing some work trying to debug a 7 year old computer that was dying. I was in the process of shuffling hard drives around and 9-year-old Dinah was watching me. I was pointing out various components (RAM, CPU, hard drives, etc) and explaining what they are and how they work at a high level.

I asked her if she had any questions. She thought about it for a bit, and then she asked, “Dad, do you have a social life.”

It was all I could do to not laugh and make her feel bad. Although, later I think she figured out what she said and tried to cover it with “I don’t even know what a social life is.”

HOWTO: Leave non-shitty voicemail

I’ve been receiving a fair amount of voicemail at work from sales jagbags that are of the form “Hey, this is Jagbag from JB Inc, I’ve got a couple of questions for you, so if you could call me back at 555-DICKBAG, I’d appreciate it.” I will never return this call. It’s not that its from a sales guy or that its a cold call, although that adds to the likelihood that I’ll delete it with prejudice. It’s the vague “I have a few questions for you.” Give me some specifics for a reason to call to you.

Its not just sales people, I receive voicemail from people in my organization with “call me back” and no other content.  That might be my biggest pet peeve.

How to leave a good voicemail:

  1. Tell me as specifically as possible what the content of our phone call would be if I called you back. I can be prepared when I call. I can send you e-mail with supplementary information before I call.  Help me help you.
  2. Leave when you might be available or unavailable. Let’s not play phone tag.
  3. If you are a sales person, remind me when we (or my company) did business together. I can look at past notes to refresh my memory. (See also #1.)
  4. Let me know if there is any urgency or the consequences of me taking too long to respond so I can prioritize with the rest of my day.
  5. If you are calling me with a problem, let me know what you have already tried to do to resolve the issue.  (Again, see also #1.)
  6. Leave your e-mail address if you don’t know if I have it already. There may be some answers that come better via text.
  7. If for whatever reason the content is inappropriate to leave on voice mail, say something like “I would prefer to say nothing else about it at this time as its inappropriate to leave in voicemail.”

Those 7 cover my biggest pet peeves… I’m sure there are more we could easily add.

Movember early termination: no mo

At dinner, my beautiful wife Sarah made the suggestion that she would match my donations if I shave it all off today.  At the start of this month, Lena had been asking “When do we pay you to shave it off?” Today is apparently the day.

I failed at my goal of growing a mustache for the full month of november, but when I could double the $611 I raised, I had to have some serious consideration.  After consulting with my mo bro, Chad, taking off the mustache was the right thing to do for the fund raising aspect of men’s health and in the spirit of Movember.

The fact that I looked like a 15 year old miscreant with what little mustache I could grow is just icing on the cake. At the end of this post are three photos detailing the end of the mustache and the early termination of Movember.  I do not regret any of it, but given how poorly my facial hair comes in, I think I’m unlikely to do it again.

At this point in time, I’ve raised $1,222 for men’s health issues to fight prostate cancer and testicular cancer.  There is still time, as these are excellent things to raise money for! I like all my man parts and I aim to keep them!  If you want to donate, please do!

Movember Day 29: Thanks @ana_crt! (Also, orthodontist mo!)

Special and awesome thanks to Ana for donating! 2 more days to go, get your donation in now and be awesome like Ana!  With her donation and one from Jason, I’m at $586.  It would be awesome to break 600. (More awesome would be $1000, but I’m being realistic.)

To celebrate, Ana (and everyone else) gets a “I’m at the orthodontist” picture!

Movember Day 24: Mustache in the Huddle House

I haven’t posted in a bit, but I haven’t thrown in the towel yet. I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to say: seriously, I’m being goofy for a good cause, if you can, please donate. It’s only 6 days until the stache goes away. The mustache is temporary, a cure for testicular or prostate cancer can be forever!