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Photo 278: Firehouse

I love old fire houses. Something about the old wooden doors surrounded by stonework. It could just be a cast off of my love of Ghostbusters and their firehouse… This one is across the street from our DC office and I always just like to look at it.

(I should point out that this photo is from 10/5/2011 and was edited using Apple’s Aperture on a MacBook Pro running OS X 10.7.1. RIP Steve Jobs.)

RE Tech Rocks DC

Get ready, I’m going to start to use flickr a lot more, I just upgraded my flickr account to a pro account.  Here’s my first attack against you visually, the photos I took at the “RE Tech Rocks DC” event the other night where non-other than good friend and boss Mark Lesswing performed on his acoustic bass.

(BTW, the above if a flash based slideshow from flickr…sorry iPad users, but I’m experimenting with flickr.)