Metracide still happening

I was delayed on Metra this morning due to train vs. pedestrian. Metra had another problem yesterday. People on the train this morning were talking about yesterday’s having been a suicide and its going around that today’s was as well.

It reminded me of an article I read and blogged about back in 2004.  Its a good read and worth revisiting given the past two days.  As bad as my day may be going (and it is,) I’m still alive, and I didn’t have to see a mutilated body and carry that emotional toll, as the article points out.

In discussing this on Twitter with @jason1749, he pointed out a few interesting things I’ll just quote.  The important bit of context you need is that back in June the then current head of metra, who was under fire for some scandals, performed a metracide.

@ktgeek I think I read that back in the day. That’s why that Metra Exec’s suicide was even more messed up. He knew what he was doing. —

@ktgeek He was the guy who put most of the stuff in place to help engineers with mental issues coming out of suicides. —

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