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Thanks, Steve

Steve Jobs passed away today at age 56 after a battle with cancer.  Here’s a few random thoughts…

On this day, I own a buttload of Apple gear: iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacBook Pro, Apple TV, Apple TV 2, Time Capsule, Mac Mini… I’m planning on getting an iPhone 4S as soon as possible.

I was (and am) a big open source dork at heart, but Apple’s simplicity and ease of use, especially the past 7 years really spoke to the pragmatic side of me.  It turned me into a fan boy, I guess.  It didn’t hurt that OS X is NeXTStep is UNIX… I touch OS X and Linux every day.

One of Dinah’s first words was iPod which she taught herself so she could ask me to turn on music for her.

In college, I loved using the NeXT computers we had. My first class in college used scheme on the NeXT’s. The NeXT is one of the first places I played Doom.  I took calculus using Mathematica on the Mac in college.

Steve also touched my kids’ lives via Pixar. (Okay, my life too, I saw Toy Story in the theater first run, long before I had kids.) Also through their first computer, a Mac Mini.

There were too other public figures who’s lives and deaths touched me the way Steve’s passing is touching me today: Jim Henson and Fred Rodgers.

Photo 79: ¡feliz cumpleaños!

This picture is as much fun for the story as it is for the image (which I like.)

Today I was eating dinner with some colleagues at Javier’s in Dallas when a lady at the table next to us put on this awesome hat. Having the camera with me, I quickly went to work to get some shots.  It turns out it was a birthday celebration for their grandma. She got a great kick out of me taking the photos which turned into this delightful shot.

I can’t remember for sure, but I don’t believe that any one at their table was taking pictures.

I pulled out my iPad and the camera connection kit, imported the photos onto the iPad, and was showing the photos to my colleagues.  I was offering to e-mail them the photos when one of them pulled out an iPad.  I asked them to hand it to me and I’d do the whole import thing right on the their iPad and won’t even have to e-mail it.  After handing the iPad back she started showing grandma the photos who looked on the edge of tears.

Anyway, I don’t think my words are adequately conveying the joy that I added to their evening just by being there with simple technology and being willing to share.  It was pretty awesome.

Then when we done eating, they also shared some pink lemonade birthday cake with us. mmmMMMmm cake.

How are you doing it? Behind the scenes of my little photo project

Two weeks or so ago, in regards to my photo project, dannyman asked me how I was moving the photos and what I was doing in WordPress to make it all work. He also suggested it’d make a good blog post, which I agree. I’ve mentioned before about the cameras I have at my disposal, so this will be more about what I’m doing for post-processing and moving the files around.

This will be a long one, so I’m gonna put the break in here for you front page readers…
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