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In lieu of flowers…

This week, our network engineer unexpectedly passed away.  It’s been a rough week for all of the IT department as we deal with it.

To inform the rest of the company, Jason, his manager, wrote something for our internal daily newsletter. Anticipating the requests for where to send flowers or other remembrances, Jason wrote something that everyone agrees is exactly what our friend would want and I think deserves to be shared with a larger audience:

Kyle often shunned typical traditions and so after talking amongst his friends and loved ones, in lieu of flowers or donations we think he would have liked it if everyone would generate a strong password and change it regularly for any critical accounts, personal or professional. I know it sounds odd, but he would have smiled at the thought.

Rest in peace, Kyle.  Well played, sir.

How do I stack up on twitter? Infographic showdown

Infographics of me vs @tcar, me vs. @beattyj, and me vs @evo_terra. Due to Evo’s popularity and social media presence I thought it would be interesting.  In any case,  a fun little twitter bug. I like how it knows I like beer. And that it thinks Jason is a rapper. HAHAHA

The infographics after the jump. Continue reading How do I stack up on twitter? Infographic showdown

Adding to the ToDo list

Jason pointed me at 20 Ideas: An Exercise Plan That Won’t Help You Lose Weight But Will Help You Become a Better Photographer to give me some ideas for my daily photo fun.  I’ll make sure to note when I’m utilizing one of those.

Although, some of them may be difficult due to requiring more planning then I’d like, such as:

3. Photograph two subjects that don’t go together like a basketball team standing in a swimming pool wearing their basketball uniforms

Although, with the Chicago weather predicted for this week, the following should be pretty easy:

14. Photograph “cold”