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Virtual Reality accident

I, frankly, am embarrassed by this story, but by publicly sharing, I’m trying to own it and be okay with the whole experience. For many of you, I may be your first Internet/VR cliché…

I have been called an early adopter of technology.  I have an army of devices in the house from WeMo, SmartThings, Amazon’s Echo Dot, and, of course, video game systems.  As a family, we’ve had a PS4 from release date and with news of the PSVR coming out, and VR videos online, if Evan didn’t get a PSVR from Santa this past Christmas he would have exploded.  So, Santa brought the family a PSVR.

Last night I had an hour or so to kill, so I went down to play a few games. After about 45 minutes of tumble, I decided to give Sports Bar VR a try. First I tried the dart game, but since I play a lot of actual darts, its just didn’t work well with the Move controller for me.  So I made my way over to the air hockey table.  It felt pretty good to play, and I started to really get into the game.

I got so into the game, that I sent to lean forward to get some better force on the paddle a habit from playing in real life. Well, part of that habit is also leaning on the table. I was so immersed in the game, I start to lean into a table that didn’t exist, lost balance, and hit the PSVR helmet and my face on the TV console/table.

I got a pretty good gash on my face that took 5 stitches, and a cut on my eyelid that took one, and its turned into a pretty legit black eye today. I also broke the right lens in the PSVR helmet and left a nick on the screen behind it. So in the near term, no VR adventures for me until we get it sent in for repair.

Movember early termination: no mo

At dinner, my beautiful wife Sarah made the suggestion that she would match my donations if I shave it all off today.  At the start of this month, Lena had been asking “When do we pay you to shave it off?” Today is apparently the day.

I failed at my goal of growing a mustache for the full month of november, but when I could double the $611 I raised, I had to have some serious consideration.  After consulting with my mo bro, Chad, taking off the mustache was the right thing to do for the fund raising aspect of men’s health and in the spirit of Movember.

The fact that I looked like a 15 year old miscreant with what little mustache I could grow is just icing on the cake. At the end of this post are three photos detailing the end of the mustache and the early termination of Movember.  I do not regret any of it, but given how poorly my facial hair comes in, I think I’m unlikely to do it again.

At this point in time, I’ve raised $1,222 for men’s health issues to fight prostate cancer and testicular cancer.  There is still time, as these are excellent things to raise money for! I like all my man parts and I aim to keep them!  If you want to donate, please do!  http://mobro.co/ktgeek

Movember Day 29: Thanks @ana_crt! (Also, orthodontist mo!)

Special and awesome thanks to Ana for donating! 2 more days to go, get your donation in now and be awesome like Ana!  http://mobro.co/ktgeek  With her donation and one from Jason, I’m at $586.  It would be awesome to break 600. (More awesome would be $1000, but I’m being realistic.)

To celebrate, Ana (and everyone else) gets a “I’m at the orthodontist” picture!

Movember Day 24: Mustache in the Huddle House

I haven’t posted in a bit, but I haven’t thrown in the towel yet. I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to say: seriously, I’m being goofy for a good cause, if you can, please donate. It’s only 6 days until the stache goes away. The mustache is temporary, a cure for testicular or prostate cancer can be forever!