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Beer of the day: Hurricane Reef Raspberry Wheat Ale

I’ve been sending a few days with my snowbird grandparents getting their DSL, etc set up.  While at the store I wanted to get a lighter drink that is good for warmth.

I ended up picking Hurrican Reef Raspberry Wheat Ale form the Florida Beer Company.  Its pretty good, I’d drink more of it especially in warmer weather.  It reminded me a bit of Sam Adam’s Cherry Wheat, but less sweet and Raspberry and not Cherry of course.  I think it had to do with the finish pronouncing the flavor of the fruit.

Picking on American Macrobrews: You’re doing it pretty well…

This evening Evo Terra and I got a chance to have some converstaion and beer at the Orlando Brewing company (on the suggestion of Charlie the Beer Guy.)  It was a bit dicey looking from the outside, but inside it was filled with awesome from the beer to the wait staff.

The beer was excellent and I highly recommend a visit.  Just don’t be too scared off by the exterier and neighborhood.

One of the parts of the beer that really warmed my heart was the handle on one of the urinals.  It really showed what I feel to be the true heart of good old American macrobrew light beer…  See for yourself…

The end of an era

I saw this on the morning news on NBC 5 this morning. So I could share it here, I found Metra says so long to its rail saloons in the Trib’s online edition.

Every weekday at 5:17 p.m., the bar car on Metra‘s Milwaukee District West line becomes the place where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came.

With beer and wine cups in hand, a cast of characters that seems straight out of “Cheers” tries to make the daily commute home as merry as the sitcom.

“It’s happy hour on the rails,” said Kevin McHone, 40, an information technology engineer from Gilberts and a bar car regular.

But just as every TV show eventually ends its run, this Friday will be last call aboard what Metra officially calls its “refreshment cars.”

I never took advantage of the bar cars, but I might have to this week before they are gone forever.  I suppose you can still beer up in the station and bring it onboard, but something about buying in the bar car is different.

Beer, it kicks ass!

There is an awesome bar in in Washington, D.C. called the Brickskeller. Its my kinda place.  Hell, even their domain name is lovethebeer.com. They claim to have the world’s largest beer selection and it certainly looked like they did. Unfortunately, due to season rotation and popularity, some of what we tried to order wasn’t available.

Inspired by the Wingin’ It beer photo stream and my visit to the Brickskeller last night, I’ve decided to start doing a similar thing here. I forgot to get a picture of the Orval Trappist Ale I had last night, but luckily, I can snag one off their web site.

I also had an Oskar Blues Ten Fidy again, mostly because I thought I’d never get that awesomeness again. The guys at the table next to us suggested a Maredsous Dubbel or Triple. I went with the Dubbel. It was awesome.

On a geek note, right now I’m just uploading this into wordpress. I’m not sold on using flickr, but I’m not sure why.