Photo 31: ToDo #4 – Day 1

Today’s the first day that I’ll be attempting #4 from 20 ideas…Better Photographer post I mentioned a few weeks ago.  Specifically, the todo is:

4. Randomly pick a window in your house and make photographs from and through that window everyday for a week

I’ve picked the back sliding door and I picked to start this today due to the blizzard coming. Hopefully I’ll be home when its light enough we can examine some snow size differences.

Photo 29: #wcphx

I didn’t take a lot of photos of Wordcamp Phoenix, and the ones I did take I am not wild about. I actually tried to pay attention and take notes and learn and stuff. I did, however, take a photo of the last beer I had in Arizona. My priorities are a bit weird, but in my defense it was the brewery closest to #wcphx.

For the record, this is actually yesterday’s photo, travel kept me getting it on the blog last night. I still have to take today’s photo.

How are you doing it? Behind the scenes of my little photo project

Two weeks or so ago, in regards to my photo project, dannyman asked me how I was moving the photos and what I was doing in WordPress to make it all work. He also suggested it’d make a good blog post, which I agree. I’ve mentioned before about the cameras I have at my disposal, so this will be more about what I’m doing for post-processing and moving the files around.

This will be a long one, so I’m gonna put the break in here for you front page readers…
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