Today’s computer hatred brought to you by INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR

Generally, I really love working with computers. I can’t imagine what else I’d do as a profession if I wasn’t doing what I do. However, there are some bugs on some days that just piss me off so much I need a place to vent. Good thing I have a blog.

Anyway, it looks like if you’re trying to compile things on Windows XP SP2 using Visual C++ with pre-compiled headers turned on and your code is hosted on a network drive hosted by samba, you’ll cause:

(compiler file ‘f:\vs70builds\3077\vc\Compiler\Utc\src\P2\p2symtab.c’, line 1609)

This is probably one of those bugs that is half samba’s fault and half VC++’s fault. That being said, I also found a report that looked similar, but with win2k and offline files.