Bleeding edge

Looks like both the upgrade to WordPress 2.5 and to keeping my WP up to date by using subversion went smoothly. I should have done the svn thing a long time ago.

One thing I should note is the rsync magic I used to go from the WordPress 2.5 hand install to WordPress 2.5 svn install. It allowed me to move all the files that aren’t part of the WP distribution that I have, mostly plugins but includes things like .htaccess files as well as plugins. There may be some redundant flags, but it worked and I’m done.

rsync -aCOSpcrv --exclude=wp-content/cache/ wordpress/.

Now to actually generate some content. But first, to finish with the Disney photos from vacation 2 weeks ago.

[Update 3/31: I forgot to mention, the above rsync command assumes you have the subversion version checked out in and your old blog in wordpress. Change your line as needed.]

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