Buns of steel? Boobies of titanium!

Link thanks to MARK NOTARUS

What a lovely pair of titaniums!

A doctor in Germany has invented the world’s first titanium bra – and it’s meant to be worn under the skin.

Dr Ziya Saylan, president of the European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, has developed a technique to implant cups of titanium mesh under the breasts.

They are then attached to the patient’s ribs and muscle. The effect is claimed to be instant, youthful-looking boobs with invisible lift.

Christina Filiaggi will be really happy to hear about this!

[Update 6/25: Stephen requested that I also put a link to Christina’s sailor suit.]

[Update 9/30: This post is hit so often via google, I came back to reread it. I realized that there was no context on my Christina comment. Here it is….

At about the time this story came out, there was a discussion on the Roe Show about boob saggage related to some bra discussion. Christina said that if she didn’t have a bra, people wouldn’t think she’s as hot as they think she is. She related a story about how some guy was into her but made some comment about bras being not needed or something. So, she went into the bar bathroom and took of her bra, and then the guy wasn’t so much into her.]

[Update 2/1/2008: Hello, Roe Conn listeners! Sorry, you’ll not get $1 to Christina this way!]

[Update 2/25/2008: Hello again, Roe Conn listeners! Are you looking for the auction?]

Java dumbness of the day

My friend seva is an admin of some unix boxes (including linux) at a firm that does some stockish stuff. Appearently, some of their applications are based on java. He was running into a weird situation where the box was in EDT (where it lived) and but java kept thinking it was CDT (where the box was originally.) Well, it was reporting “America/Chicago” technically.
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Yet another Fry’s update.

My sources tell me that the Downer’s Grove Fry’s is open today until 7pm in a preview mode. From what I’ve been told they are doing a run through with the staff so they have some experiance before the grand opening. My sources also report that the grand opening will be over the weekend of the 4th.

Other sources say that “Old man Fry” was there yesterday making sure that all was ready.

Looks like its almost time. Whee.

House update or “Yes, I’ll be broke for awhile.”

On Saturday we’re getting the new furnace and air conditioner. On Tuesday, a repair guy is coming out to look at the dryer. *sigh* Unfortunately, they are not free. At least they are getting fixed.

Sarah pointed out to me that I forgot to mention in my last post that I had to replace the sump pump last month when it was raining constantly. Imagine my joy. At least the battery backup was there and did its job. Unfortunately, we burned out the battery as it was running to long. At least that’s just a car battery that needs to be replace.

At least there is a good house-related thing to report. My in-laws are here to help us bridge the gap between Sarah returning to work and Dinah starting at day care. My father-in-law, while not making faces at his granddaughter, has been putting a floor in our attic. Its something I’ve been putting off, as it wasn’t yet a huge priority. In either case, he’ll do a much better job than I would and I can get some stuff out of the basement.

Another one bites the dust (or owning a home sucks sometimes)

Generally, I really like owning a house. I like having a backyard. I like having a finished basement that includes a home office and home theater. I like having a huge master bedroom and master bathroom. I like having a formal dining room (altought saying that makes me feel like a bit of a sissy.) In the case of the current house, I like having a forest preserve behind the house. I’ve also taken to mowing the lawn. Its cheap forced exercise, if nothing else.

However, when things break they seem to be expensive, happen at inconvient times, and happen in groups.
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A tale of two RedHats, Part 2

I upgraded my desktop at home to Fedora Core 2 this past week. Partly because I was home sick and bored and also because I was sick of not having DMA support in ATAPI CD and DVD burns. The fact that its taken this long for Linux to support it is really sad. But thankfully that’s over. I did a fresh install since I’ve never trusted upgrades.
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Dinah Aeryn Garner

For those who haven’t heard. My daughter, Dinah Aeryn Garner, was born on May 7th, 2004 at 11:10pm. She was 19.5 in. long and weighed 6 lb. 5 oz. As of her doctor appointment this morning, she’s 21 in. long and 8 lb 4.5 oz.

I’ve put off posting about it until now for a number of reasons.

  1. I was kinda busy with Sarah helping Dinah get here
  2. I was adjusting to life with baby.
  3. I was waiting to have more organized thoughts to reflect on.

Now, just after the first month has passed, I think I finally have some thoughts…
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A tale of two RedHats, Part 1

A bunch of friends and I have rented a box at ServerMatrix, a managed hosting service where you get total control (root) on your box. They support Windows, BSD, and Linux. The flavors of Linux they’ll install are RH9, RH EL3, or Debian. I’ve been elected as head admin of the box and MARK NOTARUS is my other partner in crime. Mark and I were most familiar with the free RedHat versions, and since EL3 is based on those, we went with that.

To sum it up, I’m really impressed with EL3. It seems like a really well QAed version of RH9, which was a solid distribution.
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