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Your life has ended in the Wasteland

Back when I lived in Kohler, WI, my buddy Joe Cline and I played hours upon hours of RPGs on our C=64/C=128.  One of the favorite games we played was Wasteland. This caused us 32 points of geekery and exploded our minds like a blood sausage.

Many of the original Wasteland guys worked on the Fallout series, the “spiritual successor” to Wasteland.  However, its always been a dream of fans and the designers to do a direct sequel. Thanks to the stuff that’s popped up on the modern internet, specifically Kickstarter, they are raising funds to do just that.

For just $15 in backing, based on current funding, you’ll get a copy of the game on Linux, Mac, and/or Windows.  The more they raise, the better they can make the game.  I’m excited enough about the game that I’m writing a blog post.  DO IT!