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I’m starting to hate the medical industry

So, a few weeks ago Evan had pneumonia. As part of the treatment for his cough they prescribed some medicine to be distributed via a nebulizer. The infant nurse wanted us to replace the tubing with every treatment. Another nurse said “i didn’t tell you this, but you can use it for three or four before discarding.” Now, I’m fine with that discrepancy and I understand that its probably due to avoiding bacterial build-up in the tubing.

Here’s where the anger comes. Based on the advice/orders of the nurse, I would assume the tubing should be easy to come by. So, when Evan was feeling better, we discarded all the tubing.

He’s started to have a bad cough similar to what he had when we were prescribed before. The doctor said that if the cough comes back of this type, we can do more treatments, so we planned on doing that tonight. Unfortunately, we have no tubing and NEITHER DOES ANY OF THE FARKING PHARMACIES WE CALLED!  What the hell.

Its our fault for not keeping the tubing, but at the same time, we were led to believe we could just go and get some at any time.  What the hell would we have done if we had followed the “toss it after every treatment” rule.  ARGHGGHGHADASDFH

Evan Charles

Evan Charles was born today at 7:34 pm weighing 7lbs 15oz. He was 20inches long. He joins us at much larger than his older sister did. Mom and baby are doing well. Dad isn’t too bad. Big Sister hasn’t yet been notified, but I’m sure she’ll be happy.

[Update 9:17: I forgot to add that true to form, as I was starting to think about putting information online, before I could do anything, Dave Terrell send me a message.  Good that some things didn’t change. ]