Place shifting action 2

tivo.jpgI’ve been working on a command-line oriented TiVo2Go downloader so I can automate getting items off my tivo, or at least do it when I’m on the road via ssh (and then kick off that other script…)  I’ve written a quick and dirty TiVo library, and a sample script called TiVo2Disk which uses the library.

On its own, the TiVo library stuff I whipped up will just download the content from the TiVo still locked up in TiVo’s DRM.  If you pair it with tivodecode (like the sample script does) you can get the video as an MPEG-2 stream.  Beware, HD content is HUGE.

I’ve only tested with my Series 3, and I’ve run it under both OS X and Linux, but it should work on any .  The UI on the sample script is pretty bad, but its an early version.  I’m interested in an feedback, patches, etc anyone might have.  I still need to do some rdoc as well.

This works for me, but I’d like it to be more useful for more people.   In any case, feel free to checkout tivo-ruby-0.1.tar.gz.

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