Bunny Block Bid

Killer Bunny CardWelcome to my new section on Our Reading of Killer Bunnies rules. 

In a discussion between Melissa, Chris, Mark, and myself, we have deceided that in a Bunny Block Bid the Kaballa go to the auctioneer instead of the discard pile.  The rules are silent on this, but in the spirit of being as obnoxious as possible, we feel the money going to the player is the way to go.  So let it be written, so let it be done.

3 thoughts on “Bunny Block Bid”

  1. obviously. doesnt need to be in the rules. one that auctions receives money. its like ebay, no?!

  2. Actually I had a problem with this card so I emailed the company… the money goes to the discard, Kaballa is the guy who runs the market so you pay “Kaballa” for the bunny

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