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Virtual Reality accident

I, frankly, am embarrassed by this story, but by publicly sharing, I’m trying to own it and be okay with the whole experience. For many of you, I may be your first Internet/VR cliché…

I have been called an early adopter of technology.  I have an army of devices in the house from WeMo, SmartThings, Amazon’s Echo Dot, and, of course, video game systems.  As a family, we’ve had a PS4 from release date and with news of the PSVR coming out, and VR videos online, if Evan didn’t get a PSVR from Santa this past Christmas he would have exploded.  So, Santa brought the family a PSVR.

Last night I had an hour or so to kill, so I went down to play a few games. After about 45 minutes of tumble, I decided to give Sports Bar VR a try. First I tried the dart game, but since I play a lot of actual darts, its just didn’t work well with the Move controller for me.  So I made my way over to the air hockey table.  It felt pretty good to play, and I started to really get into the game.

I got so into the game, that I sent to lean forward to get some better force on the paddle a habit from playing in real life. Well, part of that habit is also leaning on the table. I was so immersed in the game, I start to lean into a table that didn’t exist, lost balance, and hit the PSVR helmet and my face on the TV console/table.

I got a pretty good gash on my face that took 5 stitches, and a cut on my eyelid that took one, and its turned into a pretty legit black eye today. I also broke the right lens in the PSVR helmet and left a nick on the screen behind it. So in the near term, no VR adventures for me until we get it sent in for repair.