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Must visit bar review and Photo 80: The Meddlesome Moth

Today I went with some people to The Meddlesome Moth in Dallas.  Its a damn shame I discovered this place on my last night here instead of my first, otherwise I would have just been there every day as much as possible.  The image for today is of the first flight I ordered which was called “Captain Keith.” The flight is named after their Beer Guru Keith Schlabs, but I had to order it for obvious reasons.

As a beer lover, the place is fantastic.  The beer selection is large with 25 or so on tap and 100 or so for a selection of bottles. (I’m doing those numbers from memory, but if I’m wrong, I’m pretty close.)  Keith Schlabs came out and talked to us for bit. They have contacts all over the country so they’ve got a lot of the great microbrews from Stone to Dogfish Head to Allagash to everything in between. They also work hard to represent great microbrews made in Texas. In fact, they have a flight of Texas beers which lead us to discover (512)’s Peacan Porter from Austin which tasted great and I consider the beer find of the day.

Keith also shared they’ve been open for about a year and are really serious about exposing people to good beer.  That’s something I can really get behind.  It helps that their wait staff was also extremely knowledgeable about the beer they were serving and could make excellent suggestions. Also, in talking to the staff they were knowledge about about the beer world in general even if they don’t have it on the menu. I love that sign of passion about what they are doing.

They also have an amazing menu which I think would make many foodies join the dance of joy the beer lovers were already doing.  Since we were just snacking we had two small things: The Hungry Farmer, which was a fantastic cheese and meat plate, and the Sweet Fennel Meatballs, which were out of this world.  If the rest of their food is even half as good as what we had you can do no wrong.

As I mentioned on Twitter earlier today: If you love beer and you are in Dallas and you do not go to The Meddlesome Moth, I loath you.

Bonus images because, hey, the place was that awesome and worth it.