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Day 2 Photo: Hey, what’s over there?

The deer in the backyard may end up being a common subject, if only because it gives me a convenient excuse to use the 55-250mm lens.  I’m not entirely happy with how these turned out.  I thought it was because I can’t stand still enough when using the telephoto, but when I was switching the back to my “normal” lens, I discovered that auto-focus was turned off on the lens.  I shot assuming it was on… Its amazing this turned out at all.

Day 1 Photo: Happy New Year

We have a projector on the garage (as mandated by suburban law) which has a ton of gels that are composed of a static part and an animated spinning part.  For Happy New Year the confetti on the outside spins.

Using a long exposure and my ability to stand still in 20 degree weather, I created a pretty nice blur on the outside with a solid bright Happy New Year.  I’ve also included a really high ISO that captured it motionless, and an even longer exposure image that I am unhappy with because apparently I can’t stand as motionless as I thought.

2011 Photo Journey: And so it (the thought anyway) begins…

In the early morning hours of 2011, I decided that I needed to do some sort of project and try something I haven’t really tried before.  I came up with an idea that, while not original, was something I believe I can reasonably pull off.

My plan is to take an original photo (and post it) each day of 2011.  The tools at my disposal are my Canon EOS Rebel T2i, my Canon Powershot SD630, and my iPhone 4. As much as I’d love to use my T2i every day, I suspect a large majority of my daily shots will end up being with the camera I always have strapped on my hip, the iPhone.

If you’d like to follow along on the journey, I’ll be posting all the photos here under the Photo of the Day category so they’ll be easy to follow via RSS or ATOM.  I’ll also probably be consistent in my titles, at least the prefix of them anyway. When I post the photo, I’ll share what camera I used and if there’s a story to go with the photo, I’ll also share that.

I can’t promise they’ll always be good nor can I promise they’ll always be interesting, but I do promise that I’ll try to mix them up so its not shots of the kids every day or something easily cheesy.  Except the first one some time later today.

WordPress for iPhone

I noticed that the WordPress for iPhone native blogging app appeared in the iTunes store last night. This is me giving it a try.

I don’t think i’ll bang out long posts this way, but you might see lots of smallish stuff since it’ll be so easy to add. Especially some on the fly photo blogging. Heck, it might replace my use of Twitter for some thoughts. Especially those thoughts over 140 characters.

As and added bonus, here’s Vik’s cat, Inky.


[non iPhone Update: Looks like Declan had the same idea on his blog.]

Trump Tower

When RachelleB used to work nearby, the soon-to-be Trump tower was on her path to work.  She often did updates of what the tower was looking like.  As she works elsewhere now , there aren’t the regular photo updates.  I’ll try to fill in where I can, but I’m not that hot of a photographer yet.  I also need to take photos from somewhere other than the boat.  The last one, though, wasn’t from the boat.



For some really I really like the following staircase.  It could be because when I first passed it, it was closer to lunch time and there were a ton of guys going up and down it.


Yes… Yes, it is!

For a combined Father’s Day / Birthday gift, I got a Canon Powershot SD630.  I call it mine, but I guess its the whole family’s.  🙂  We still have our Canon Powershot G3 and love it, but we wanted something small we could carry in a purse or backpack without it being too heavy.  We definately have different uses for the two cameras.

Anyway, the whole point is that I might do some more photoblogging than I used to.   Especially the next few weeks while i’m in new toy mode.

I went off to meet Nick at the House of Blues for lunch, on the way I saw this truck.  It made me damn thirsty, and its the whole point of me doing this post.