Today IS pretty cool…

Rob McCool said the following quote on a UIUC alumni mailing list we’re both on:

Actually, all things considered, right now is pretty awesome. You can buy a device for about $200 which has more floating point computing power than a Cray did in 1972 and carry it around in your pocket. Its battery can store energy equivalent to a small hand grenade and can run the device for hours without plugging into the wall. And you can use it to communicate with virtually anybody on the planet, sometimes by bouncing radio signals off of aluminum canisters we’ve flung into outer space.

That’s pretty cool.

I totally concur.

One thought on “Today IS pretty cool…”

  1. Can’t resist the geek troll bait.

    A three vacuum tube NAND gate has more computing power than a 1972 Cray, since that’s the year CRI was founded, they didn’t have the CRAY-1 until 1976.

    Energy density of lithium ion battery is around 0.8 MJ per liter, explosives used in modern grenades yield 6 to 20 times as much.

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