Picking on American Macrobrews: You’re doing it pretty well…

This evening Evo Terra and I got a chance to have some converstaion and beer at the Orlando Brewing company (on the suggestion of Charlie the Beer Guy.)  It was a bit dicey looking from the outside, but inside it was filled with awesome from the beer to the wait staff.

The beer was excellent and I highly recommend a visit.  Just don’t be too scared off by the exterier and neighborhood.

One of the parts of the beer that really warmed my heart was the handle on one of the urinals.  It really showed what I feel to be the true heart of good old American macrobrew light beer…  See for yourself…

One thought on “Picking on American Macrobrews: You’re doing it pretty well…”

  1. Awesome picture, and a good use of Bud Light paraphernalia and what BL is anyway. It would be a little cooler to have the urinal drain into what looks like a bud light bottle, and then be flushed away. Someone with good soldering skills could do it with cans pretty easily, I imagine.

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