4 thoughts on “Guess I know what I’m doing in two weeks…”

  1. I’ve been running the intrepid devel branch and probably the thing that has been the best so far is the new network manager.

  2. When did you become an Ubuntu-er, Keith? Thought you were a Fedora wearing dude.

    I’m staying with the Long Term Support (LTS) 8.04 version of Kubuntu for awhile, too much twiddling needed after an upgrade, and every six months is just too often for an old fart. And I don’t compile my own kernels anymore either, certain alternate kernel modules is as far as I’ll go.

  3. Ralph, I decided to give it a try on my PC at home after FC7 and FC8 left me with bad feelings. It also seemed like a good way to back into some of the “debian” way without going full out debian. I also avoid the self kernel compiles at this point, although, my hardware has a parallel IDE cable detection bug I had to patch in…the big question is when the LTS releases will jump up to a newer kernel that has the patch.

    Given other events in my life, the every 6 month upgrade at least gives me some geeking to do.

  4. I do like Debian for server, since my little box on top the kitchen cabinets next to the ceiling just does basic stuff like web, sshd port forwarding tricks and smtp serving, will go to the upcoming version 5 Lenny since no tweaking needed.

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