Dinah development update

  • Thu Nov. 18: first tooth
  • Sun Nov. 20th: started crawling
  • Fri Nov. 26th: starting pulling herself up on stuff
  • Mon Nov. 29th: started sitting
  • Fri Dec. 3rd: 2nd tooth starting to push through
  • Sat Dec. 4th: Parents totally exhausted
  • Tues Dec 7th: 7 months old

It seems like she was really trying to cram a bunch of development right into a two week span. When Dinah started crawling, she went from one or two “steps” to across the room at high speed in about 2 or 3 days.

Its been pretty cool, but pretty exhausting as we’re baby proofing on the fly, or just chasing her around to keep her away from things she shouldn’t get into. The top things she loves to play with that she shouldn’t are lamp cords.