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This guy must vote like Keyes thinks Jesus would

Today on my way to work, I happened to see a guy who decorated his truck just in time for the elections. I think I’ve found someone who will actually vote for Keyes! Those people do exist. However, I do have to say, from his posters, he seems to be more anti-Obama than pro-Keyes.

I took these photos with my phone, so they aren’t the best, but they get the job done. I’m just upset I couldn’t capture the back and other side of his truck. The back was a poster of the 10 commandments (looking all stone-tablet-like.) I wish I remember what it said, because the rest of his truck is all anti-gay-marriage, and I don’t remember homosexual love or what makes a marriage mentioned in the ten commandments. (There is the “Thou shall not commit adultry” rule, however, that doesn’t say who is married, just don’t go cheat.)

This also makes me think of a quote that is on my quotes page.

“Well, it was written by a people who were alternately fighting wars of genocide and of survival. Then one of those people a few millenia later said ‘The old Law is fullfilled, these are the two commandments: Love your God above all, and love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ You can’t really blame Him if His followers since keep harking back to version 1.0. Well, you can, but it’s hardly fair to those who try to live by the 2.0 version.” — Captain Nerd <cptnerdatnerdwatch .com>, 3/26/2004, on the bible

People like the guy pictured above, haven’t upgraded to 2.0, appearently.

Hey, anyone know what that white flag with the red cross in the blue field is?

Alderaan had WMDs!

On Slashdot today there was a news item about the upcoming DVD release of the first three Star Wars movies. Of course, everyone is still bitching about Greedo shooting first, as they should. And it seems the Lucas is going to tweak the movies AGAIN for DVD release.

Anyway, in the discussion thread there was a post mocking the Greedo people that said:

I hear that in this version Alderaan shoots first.

One of the responses to that post was classic.

No, but there’s good inteligence that clearly shows Alderaan had a stockpile of WMDs that it planned to give to the Rebel Alliance. The new DVD further points out that its government was an anti-democratic dictatorship by a royal family, and goes on to document its sentient-rights abuses which while largely decades in the past, still play a part in building a convincing case for a pre-emptive planetary destruction by the Emp – er – Coalition Forces.