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Beer! Beer! Beer! Tiddley Beer Beer Beer!

Don’t ruin my beer!

From this mornings Chicago Tribune: Goose Island may partner with maker of Budweiser

The beer industry has been buzzing for weeks about talks between Chicago’s largest microbrewery and Anheuser-Busch Cos., fostering speculation the St. Louis beer giant may be interested in buying an ownership stake in Goose Island.

Goose Island president and founder John Hall confirmed that the maker of Honker’s Ale and other brands is in talks with Anheuser-Busch, but those discussions have been limited to “distribution issues,” he said. He declined to comment further on the nature of the talks.

The brewery that made Celis White was aquired by one of the macrobrews and it was never the same again. I’d hate to see the Goose ruined that way too.

8 dollars of liquid beef jerky

In the Chicago Tribune’s food section today there was the article: When smoke gets in your beer, drink up.

The article goes on to talk about a few Smoke beers, including Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier which I have had always referred to as “Marzen smoke ale” even though Marzen is the type (if I remember correctly) of beer and not a brand name. Also, I don’t speak German.

Smoke is a two-faced friend. It’s great on barbecue, but lousy on our clothes after a night out. A smoky Scotch is one of life’s rare pleasures, but a smoked beer? Well, that’s a pleasure maybe best not left to the meek of palate.

The above quote pretty much sums up my feeling on smoke ales. I like them, I like them occasionally, but not all the time. At the establishment formerly known as Bud’s that was the last beer on the Centurions club. I think that was a good pacing for having one of the smoke ales, about once every 100 beers.

“It’s like liquid beef jerky,” said Chad Wulff, manager of The Map Room, a Chicago tavern that caters to beer connoisseurs. “And it’s fantastic.”

When I hit the beef jerky quote in the paper this morning, I laughed out loud on the train and scared my fellow passengers. The first time we tried to order an Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier at Bud’s our favorite waitress, Deena, warned us that it was “8 dollars of liquid beef jerky, are you sure?” Being adventurous we of course said yes, but that is an apt description. Its just great to see it almost word for word from someone else.

Schlenkerla, whose aroma B. United’s Web site describes as containing notes of “smoked sausage, bacon [and] carpet,” gets its smoky flavor from beech forests that surround the area.

You can never go wrong with bacon and carpet!

In any case, I recommend that any beer lover at least try a smoke ale on two separate occasions before you decide if you hate it or not.

A moment of silence

Since Dinah has been in day care, I’ve been taking the train from Metra stop in Roselle. Since I have been parking in the North parking lot, I drive by Bud’s, the former home of BeerTuesday, almost daily.

Today I ask for a moment of silence, my brothers and sisters in mass alcohol consumption, because on my way to the train today I noticed large FOR RENT signs in the windows of the establishment now formerly known as Bud’s. Rubbing my eyes, I looked again, and they were still there, but this time I also noticed that the sign board was devoid of message.

There is a yellow 8.5×11 sheet of paper taped on one the doors which probably has a message of thanks for the years Bud’s existed, or at least a “sorry, we’re closed for good!” As I had 4 minutes to catch the train, I didn’t stop to read it, but I will on the way home and try to take a picture with my phone.

If they died due to missing a large influx of cash each Tuesday or because their service and beer selection just went into the shitter, we may never know. But please, I beg, a moment of silence for an establishment that: gave us food when we were hungry; that reserved our corner 99% of the time; that let us master darts; that thought were were thespians; that gave us the centurion club to finish over and over; that saw Brian White drink said club faster than any man in history; that saw a beer tab and tip much larger than 4 men should reasonably create; that gave us waitresses who were, after training by us, without parallel; that taught us it was a bad night when “(beer + liquor) > food” evaluated to false; that gave us shelter in times of peace and times of strife; and, most importantly of all, that gave us alcohol when we were sober.

B to the E, boyeeeee!

Anheuser-Busch is taking a step and combining two of my favorite beverage additives: caffeine and alcohol.

The maker of No. 1-selling Bud Light beer said Monday it is launching a new brew under the Budweiser label that will be infused with caffeine, guarana and ginseng–a combination it promises will be both lightly “sweet and tart.” It is the first beer to include caffeine, the brewer said.

Unfortunately, the problem with this plan is 1) they make Bud and Busch, etc and 2) they are adding other crap like ginseng to the mix. The article in the paper I read this morning is that they are trying to cash in on the crazy of mixing Red Bull with anything that has alcohol. As for their claim to be the first beer to include caffeine, I doubt it. Maybe the first good old-fashioned macrobrew to add caffeine, but there has had to have been a beer with caffeine before.

I have drank quite a few stouts brewed with coffee such as Bell’s Java Stout and Redhook‘s now-retired Doubleblack Stout. Both of those had to have had some caffeine in them. However, they were not marketed as a alcohol enhanced energy drink nor an energy enhanced adult beverage. (They also weren’t marketed as a cathartic, but they could have been!)

The new brand’s name is a mouthful: B-to-the-E — short for Budweiser with something extra.

And there is the worst part: One of the dumbest product names ever. Be

NY’s loss is Downers Grove’s yummy-alcohol-gain

For Sam’s Wine and Spirits, it’s Downers Grove over N.Y.

One answer about why Sam’s Wine and Spirits is making its first expansion to the western suburbs can be found in the store’s Lincoln Park shipping room.

Boxes of wine are stacked to the ceiling awaiting shipment to customers in Hinsdale, Geneva, Naperville, Western Springs and Forest Park, along with numerous other communities across the United States.

Widespread telephone and Internet orders have helped make Sam’s the largest volume wine and spirits store in the United States. This year, it expects to book $60 million in sales and employs 150 people.

Absent, however, are large numbers of boxes bound for New York City, where Fred Rosen and his sons had planned to make their first foray away from what has been their only location, tucked behind the new retail district along Clybourn Avenue, north of North Avenue.

“We put New York on hold because we’re like farm boys. It’s much harder to deal with the people there. It’s not like Chicago,” said Rosen, 67, who has handed day-to-day operations of the store over to his sons.

Sam’s Wines, if you’ve never been there, is an awesome store. Its only problem to date is that its a fair trip into the city for me to shop there. However, every time I’ve gone, I’ve not been disappointed. Also, its nice that its located right next to the Goose Island Brew Pub.

On those times I haven’t made the drive, Binny’s has fit the bill. The guys from Sam’s claims they aren’t doing it to compete with Binny’s, and I’ll accept that at face value. However, it’ll be interesting to see Sam’s give Binny’s a run for their money out in the burbs.

Downers Grove is getting all sorts of interesting places. First Fry’s, now Sam’s. I wonder what’s next.