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A Christmas miracle

christmas-lights.JPGSo, my mom pointed us at a device that you can use to help you fix burnt out Christmas light strings.  I had to post about it because I would have thought it was a totaly scam if you told me about it, but having seen it work…

Yes, lights are usually cheap enough that you can probably just buy a new set every year and not really empty out your pocketbook, but its really wasteful.  Also, for those of us with a fetish for prelit trees, its not always easy (or possible) to restring.

Anyway, its called the Light Keeper Pro.  You just plug in the affected string of lights, replace a bulb with the tool, squeeze the trigger a few times, and your light string works again.  The burnt out ones are easy to see as they aren’t lit, you replace those, and you’re golden.  Supposedly there is a demo video on their site.  Still, I don’t think I would have bought it except for watching my mom use it not 2 feet from where I was standing.

This post reads like an infomercial to me, but the tool just blows my mind.  I’ve "saved" 4 strings of lights for our main Christmas tree.  None of which worked when I pulled them out of storage and plugged them in.  I haven’t even gotten to the outside ones

[Update 12/4: I know I haven’t described this well, but the how it works section on their web site does.]