I don’t need no one to tell me about heaven, I look at my daughter, and I believe.


Today is Dinah’s first birthday. As cliched as it sounds, it doesn’t seem like that long. I have no idea where the time went. In the past year she’s gained over ten pounds and gotten quite a few inches longer.

Its a milestone in her life, and in mine and Sarah’s as well. All three of us have survived the year and are happy as we can be. I’m really not sure which is more shocking, her making it or Sarah and I making it.

There’s been “rough times” in the past year that involved Dinah not sleeping through the night and us being up (usually as a result of illness.) But that’s as bad as its been, and that’s really not all that bad. All in all we’ve been blessed with a happy, healthy, and friendly daughter.

We’ll have a birthday party, cake, a smash cake, all that fun stuff planned for today.