Photo 57: Ice skating in flight

Dinah was invited to an ice skating party by a classmate.  The classmate and her sister participate in ice skating competitions and each did their routine as part of the party.  This gave me a good excuse to play with the telephoto lense.  I’m not entirely happy with what I took of the skaters as the light caused the camera to kick back to ISO3200, so they are grainy as hell.  Today’s bonus photo is here because I couldn’t pass this up without showing a photo of Dinah her first time in ice skates.

One thought on “Photo 57: Ice skating in flight”

  1. Those beautiful shots aren’t grainy!! You want grain, back in my day the 400 speed black and white film was the fast stuff, grainy and gritty and was as if seen through foggy glasses. ISO3200?, heck that would be X-ray film back then, monster sized grains

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